People with Narcissist Traits May Benefit from Reminders


Narcissists and people with narcissistic trains can often be challenging to deal with – particularly because of their lack of empathy for others. It’s a challenge we may need to grow accustomed to dealing with. Some researchers believe our culture is leading to an increase in narcissistic traits. Dr. Erica Hepper, a psychologist who researches narcissism at the University of Surrey, may have some good news. In her research she discovered that those with sub-clinical narcissistic tendencies may benefit from being reminded to think about a situation from another’s perspective.  Although someone with high levels of empathy may do this naturally, someone with a lower empathy level may be able to do this better with a prompt to think of the situation as if they were in that same position. “Empathy research suggests that when we put ourselves in another person’s shoes and imagine a situation from their point of view, we actually process that situation using the same parts of the brain that we use to process our own experiences,” explains Dr Hepper.


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